Architecture Workshop

This evening I finished the Architecture Workshop at the van Eesteren museum. The workshop was the 1st of it’s kind and was given by architecture photographer Michel Claus. With 2 theory evenings and 1 practise afternoon I think the time was too short to get a firm grip on the subject. Anyway, I’ve uploaded some pics I took during the practise. All pics are editted on the iPad2 with the new Snapseed app. Enjoy!

KI: Michael Levin

Beautiful short movie by Brad Kremer.

Quote: “I first became aware of Michael Levin’s photographs in 2010. His photographs of everyday places and common subjects are transformed into something much more when he views them through his lens…absolutely stunning! Being that a large majority of Michael’s work is done in Japan, I instantly had a connection to it as I too have a bond with Japan and have traveled and documented the landscape extensively in my own way.”



Last July my family, aunt, uncle and cousins from Canada came over to the Netherlands on holiday. To celibrate their 40th wedding anniversary my aunt and uncle arranged a BBQ for the entire family. As one of the presents my other aunts and uncle arranged a folk dance group to perform old dance and songs. The dance group, from the Salland region, wore traditional costumes. Before their performance I took some pics of the dance group. All pictures are taken with the 50mm F1.8 lens and are processed in Lightroom. Enjoy!

Cloud storage solution, the way I backup

Since I started shooting pictures in RAW format the amount of free storage on my iMac and server is shrinkink very fast. I have been looking for a way to safely backup my pictures (and documents) which doesn’t cost too much time. I already have a server with Raid1 storage (500Gb) but of course this is a worthless solution in case of fire.

One of my requirements is that I don’t want to keep local files, only if necessary. Most of the cloud solutions only provide backup solutions, so in other words you need to keep your local file otherwise your backup will be gone after 30 days.

Cloud storage
Since I wasn’t able to find a product which offers me both cloudstorage and an easy way to backup/move files I split my solution into 2 products.

Choosing cloud storage was easy, as a Google fan I bought 200Gb of storage ($50 p.y). More info on Google storage can be found here: Google Storage. Keep in mind that if you’re only looking for a backup solution (so keeping your local files) you will be better of with a combined package of software and storage. Storage will be more cheap on monthly basis and you will not have a data limit. (in most cases)

Cloud service software
Finding a piece of software was harder to find. I came across a piece of software which provides an easy way to copy, move or keep files in sync with my Google cloud storage, ‘Gladinet‘.

First I used the free version but I switched to the paid version (40$) after 1 day. With Gladinet you are able to create a drive mapping to your Google storage (docs/picasa) and you can easily drag and drop local files to your cloud storage. You can also create scheduled backups with the Gladinet software which will keep your Cloud storage files in sync with your local files. The Gladinet software runs on my Server 2008 system which runs 24×7. In case I need to restore a file I can easily do this via the Gladinet software or browse to the file via a webrowser.

With the described solution I’m able to backup, move and keep files in sync with my Google cloud storage. It’s also very easy to see docs and pics anywhere on the internet and share them with family or friends all done via Google Docs or Picasa. One problem, but this has to do with my internet connection, uploading takes forever with a 1Mbit/s line…

Amsterdam by night

One of the photography course subjects was night photography. Armed with tripods we strolled down the Jordan area in Amsterdam to shoot some nice pics.

Some months later I joined a Flickr meet Amsterdam trip. With 6 guys (Stewart, Jeroen, Rod, Vit and Arjen) we started walking in the Amstelstation area, after this we took the subway to the Waterloo square and walked to the Rembrandt square where we ended the trip with some beers.


One of the topics in my photography course was contrast. To practise we went to an old papermill close to Amsterdam. Obective was to only shoot b&w pics. Of course I’ve also created some HDR’s.

The papermill, dated 1692, ‘De Schoolmeester’ is a smock mill in Westzaan, Noord Holland, the Netherlands which is maintained in full working order. It is the only wind powered paper mill in the world.