Amsterdam by night

One of the photography course subjects was night photography. Armed with tripods we strolled down the Jordan area in Amsterdam to shoot some nice pics.

Some months later I joined a Flickr meet Amsterdam trip. With 6 guys (Stewart, Jeroen, Rod, Vit and Arjen) we started walking in the Amstelstation area, after this we took the subway to the Waterloo square and walked to the Rembrandt square where we ended the trip with some beers.


One of the topics in my photography course was contrast. To practise we went to an old papermill close to Amsterdam. Obective was to only shoot b&w pics. Of course I’ve also created some HDR’s.

The papermill, dated 1692, ‘De Schoolmeester’ is a smock mill in Westzaan, Noord Holland, the Netherlands which is maintained in full working order. It is the only wind powered paper mill in the world.